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Video Collector


Let's imagine there is a great amount of MPEG-4 video files, which are need to be ordered and grant to network users, in other words to create handy catalogue. The most rational thing is making a web application which performs file storage scan and link generation.

VideoCollector has been developing to reach this purpose, exactly. Althogh It is not an independent application, enables only a minimal interface and requires preliminary configuration It gives a great scope of functionality to expand and integrate in other projects.

VideoCollector is a class which centrally handles all input/output. Object model enables fast interface and language switching. Internal character encoding is Unicode (UTF-8), but input and output may be set in any encoding. Standard PHP mechanisms are used for session management but VideoCollector session's data is kept separately and the transparency is granted to external session.

Both Manual and Automatic data input are allowed. Such applications are often depend on online internet resources which most likely will affect their further acting. VideoCollector use database update method by means of file import. To back up current database there is export operation exists.

Theoretically, It's supposed that you won't manually insert new film data and only will perform file collection. File collection is a process of referring the name of one or several files to suitable video record.

Tree-like genre structure is used to control video access. Users may join into groups. The program handles not only the access to database information but the file access as well. Read more:
About Titles
About Genres
About Localization

Project status

The project is in planning stage. Features mentioned above may absent or be working bad.